2-. -0. 2012
IOU goes China
for ISPO Beijing we builded a fine Miniramp and a small Skatepark. the show starts tomorrow.......

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What you should know about us.
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1-. -1. 2010
Laax - Miniramp big style
ready for the new season. Laax is going to get a new indoor playground. Our 20 meter wide miniramp i...

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Skatermade - Elephantproof New!          
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... our new folder-flip book-catalog.
40 pages - pure viewing pleasure.
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  Skatermade - Elephantproof   Elephantproof
Can a ramp carry a 4.8t elephant?
Can a ramp carry two 4.8t elephants?
Read the story about this experiment and our new logo + claim ...

Skatepark does not equal skatepark, depending on your location, the weather and your particular demands, there are various possibilities on how to build yours. If you want to get an idea of what is possible, just take a look at some of our different projects. Rampsindex.


Feel warm and welcome at our indoor parks. From Munich to Moscow, here you find lots of  interesting skateparks made out of fine birch plywood.

  Contests   Specials
You think that´s all what we are doing – better check this!.

Find out about the public skateparks. Mainly built for communitys, based on DIN 33943. Built out of wire mesh plywood, long lasting larch construction wood and our own SKATESMART® plastic surface.

  Snow   Snow
Drop it like it's cold... fo shizzle!

Here you find temporarily installed skateparks for contests such as the European Championships or the X-Games Qualifiers.


We thought it might be a good idea if "Schützi" himself would tell you everything about his ramps... so we developed the I-B-E (IOU Broadcast Environment). What you'll experience in the following stages is only the first step. Future plans go even further. If you experience any difficulties using the I-B-E, feel free to contact us via We would also like you to share your thoughts and ideas about/for the I-B-E with us via this e-mail address as your ideas and criticism will help us to further improve this site. IOU-BROADCAST-ENVIRONMENT is best viewed with a high-bandwidth(ADSL) and requires the Flash Player  Macromedia Flash Player 7. Currently only a german version is available. Englisch and italian versions will follow... Start your tour here or go directly to one of the following sections:

  Planung & Bau Pixel

Planning & Building
A good plan is a must for a successful skatepark. Also the possibility  of being part of the project in building and planning.
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A riding surface should have the right grip, a good pop and should last forever – SKATESMART®.
video  |  pdf


Get some ideas of previously built ramps and then we can think about yours.
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  Sicherheit & Verarbeitung  

Security & Material
It´s the details that count and the way we work.
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There are several ways to construct a skateramp – here are ours.
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Are you planning a contest, a show or a special event? Just ask us.
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Innovative Original Unique - SNOW. Our Ramptechnologies transfered to the mountain...


Fresh as Pow Pow ... Neues und interessantes rund um IOU SNOW.

  Snow   Projects
die mit Skigebieten oder Firmen
zusammen verwirklicht wurden...

Alle unsere Rails, Curbs, Boxen usw. haben wir aus der Sicht der Snowboarder entwickelt und selbst getestet.

  Adspace   Adspace
Da unsere Obstacles oft grosse Flächen oder Verkleidungen haben, können Sie diese auch als Werbeflächen nutzen.


Hier finden Sie einige Beispiele von bereits realisierten Snowboard-Obstacles.


"Produktkatalog für Snowpark-Infrastruktur" öffnen

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New and used Ramps, Rails, Boxes ... Affordably for everybody.
Delivered to your door!

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Clothing & Fashion
Your only chance to become an IOU-Fashion victim.


This category features our favourite pictures and movies, the latest IOU-fashion, everything you should know about ramps and the straight links to our friends and partners.

  Movies & Pics  

Movies & Pics
A choice of our favourite pictures and movies - not necessarily connected to skateboarding.

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Our personal World Wide Who is Who.

Find the right words for your ramp.

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